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London, Ontario police review investigation into sexual assault allegations after Hockey Canada 2018 event

The London, Ont., police department said it was re-examining sexual assault allegations involving some members of the 2018 World Junior Hockey team who attended a Hockey Canada gala, a case originally dismissed without charge. complaint.

Police Chief Steve Williams said Wednesday that due to significant public interest he was leading an internal review to determine if anything had been missed.

The announcement comes about a week after Hockey Canada issued an apology and a series of announcements in an open letter. The organization said it was reopening its own investigation, through a third party, into allegations of a woman who said she was sexually assaulted in a room at the Delta Armories hotel in London by some members of the gold medal team.

Williams said the police investigation lasted eight months and ended in February 2019.

“In order to ensure due diligence, given the seriousness of this allegation, I have ordered that an internal review of the investigation be conducted to determine, if necessary, further avenues of investigation,” said the leader in a press release.

The woman who made the assault allegations is now 24 years old. She was claiming $3.55 million in damages from Hockey Canada, the Canadian Hockey League and Players Anonymous.

The complainant, now 24, claims she was sexually assaulted in a room at the Delta Armories hotel in London in June 2018. (Wikipedia Commons)

Hockey Canada quietly settled the case out of court in June and details of the settlement have not been made public.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

Since the revelation of the rules, Hockey Canada has lost its major sponsors and had its government funding frozen.

At the time, Hockey Canada hired Toronto law firm Henein Hutchison LLP to conduct its investigation. At a parliamentary standing committee meeting, Hockey Canada president Scott Smith said players were “strongly encouraged” to participate in the survey, but it was not mandatory.

Earlier this week it was discovered in court documents that the sport’s governing body had set aside a legal fund for uninsured liabilities, including sexual assault cases. This drew further criticism, including from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who called the fund “unacceptable”. Hockey Canada has since said it will no longer use the fund, which is funded by membership dues, to settle sexual assault claims.

In its announcements this week regarding the reopening of the third-party investigation, Hockey Canada said it would require players to participate.

Williams said London police would begin their examination immediately, adding that there was no timetable for its completion.