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London police say officers shared photos of sisters who died of ‘shameful’ misconduct

The police department determined that officers posted several photos of the bodies of two murdered sisters on social media. Officers were assigned to the crime scene patrol in June 2020. File photo courtesy of London Metropolitan Police

November 24 (UPI) – The London Metropolitan Police Department said on Wednesday an examination revealed two former officers were guilty of serious misconduct for sharing photographs of the bodies of two women killed last year.

The department said officers Jamie Lewis and Deniz Jaffer shared the photos on social media and called the victims – two sisters who were killed in a London park – as “dead birds”.

Officers pleaded guilty to misconduct in a criminal trial and a Scotland Yard court upheld the court’s finding on Wednesday. The court determined that police released several photos of the bodies of the sisters – Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27 – after they were assigned to patrol the crime scene in June 2020.

The department said Lewis would be fired immediately. Jaffer left the police in August. They will be sentenced next month for misconduct.

The trial judge told Lewis and Jaffer that they would likely be sentenced to terms of jail time, which means a mandatory sentence in jail or other correctional facility.

“The behavior of [officers] Lewis and Jaffer that day was shameful and fell well below the standards we expect of all our officers, ”said Deputy Met Commissioner Helen Ball. noted in a statement Wednesday.

“We don’t want officers who act so unprofessional and disrespectful to be part of the Metropolitan Police Department.

“We deeply regret the additional distress this matter has caused them. I am deeply sorry, both personally and on behalf of the Met.”

The man who killed the women, 19-year-old Danyal Hussein, was found guilty and sentenced to two concurrent terms of 35 years in prison. Officials said Hussein killed the sisters out of a deep obsession with Satanism.