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London Politics News LIVE: Carrie Johnson aide close to No 10 quits as PM reshuffle continues


Keir Starmer: ‘A growing number of Tory MPs are unhappy with the Prime Minister’

There are more and more MPs “unhappy” with Boris Johnson, said Sir Keir Starmer.

Sir Keir made the comments amid reports that more than 100 MPs could vote against the Prime Minister in the event of a vote of no confidence.

Sir Keir said: ‘I think there are a growing number of Tory MPs who are unhappy with the Prime Minister, that’s obvious.

“But I’m looking at this from the perspective of all those millions of people across the country who are suffering from the real cost of living crisis, who are worried about their bills – whether it’s the energy bill or of the food bill this weekend.

“And I think what they see is a government of chaos and incompetence, distrust and dissatisfaction with the Prime Minister.

“And it’s the distraction from the work at hand, solving the cost of living crisis, that’s the vital and most important thing here.”


Boris Johnson and the new communications chief sang ‘I will survive’

Boris Johnson’s new communications chief has claimed the couple sang ‘I will survive’ as they arrived at No 10.

In an interview for Welsh-language news site Golwg360, Guto Harri said the couple embarked on a rendition of the Gloria Gaynor classic after the PR manager asked Mr Johnson if he could survive the crisis of his leadership.

Mr Harri was quoted by the Welsh site as saying: ‘I walked in and gave a salute and said ‘Prime Minister, Guto Harri reporting for work’ and he stood up from his back to his office and started to salute but then he said ‘What am I doing, I should take the knee for you.

“And we were both laughing. Then I asked ‘Are you going to survive Boris?’ And he said it in his deep voice, slowly and with determination and started to sing a little while finishing the sentence and saying “I Will Survive”.

“Inevitably he invited me to say ‘You have your whole life to live’ and he replied ‘I have all my love to give’, so we had a little shot of Gloria Gaynor!”

A spokesperson for No 10 declined to comment, saying: ‘I’m not going to go into details of the private conversations.’


Keir Starmer: PM must go, not just change inner circle No. 10

Sir Keir Starmer has said it is the person at the top of government who needs to change, not just Boris Johnson’s inner circle.

His comment comes after the Prime Minister made changes to his Downing Street operation over the weekend, including appointing Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Steve Barclay to become his chief of staff, with further announcements expected.

The Labor leader, speaking to broadcasters in south London, said: “Listen, we’ve been here before – this time last year we were told the Prime Minister had learned the lessons by putting in place a new team.

“Just a few weeks ago we were told he was going to make some changes and that’s what was going to make the difference.

“Personally, I don’t think anything will really change until the person at the top changes, because all roads lead to the Prime Minister, and that’s the change we really need to see now.”


Boris Johnson says he has no concerns over Sunak’s loyalty

The Prime Minister said he had “absolutely” no doubts about the Chancellor’s loyalty and praised the “good management of the economy”.

Asked if he ever feared Rishi Sunak was after work, Boris Johnson said: ‘I think what we’re doing is working together across government to solve the backlog of Covid which believe me is a huge priority for us, for everyone in the country.”

Pressed by reporters at Maidstone Hospital, where he is visiting, to find out if he has any doubts about the Chancellor’s loyalty, Mr Johnson said: “Absolutely not”.

He added: “What I would say is that it is thanks to the investment that we are able to do, thanks to the good management of the economy, everything that we have done, if we think about it, all the business management throughout the pandemic, which has allowed our economy to bounce back so well, which in turn allows us to put the investment we need now in the NHS.


New policy boss No 10: ‘The priority is to get back to cutting taxes’

Boris Johnson’s new policy director has said he wants to get the Tories ‘quickly’ back into a position where taxes can be cut.

Andrew Griffith, MP for Arundel and South Downs, was appointed leader of political unit No 10 last week after the departure of Munira Mirza, one of Mr Johnson’s longest-serving advisers.

Writing about his plans for the Home Conservative job, Mr Griffith said he wanted to ‘get back to the point quickly where we can cut taxes so everyone can keep more of their money’.

He also said he wanted to strengthen the involvement of backbenchers in political matters.

But he said “decisions are usually made closest to where their impact is felt”, and “high-performing departments should expect a light-touch approach, freeing up bandwidth for larger interventions.” deep elsewhere”.

Among the ‘high priorities’ named by Mr Griffith are tackling the NHS backlog, cutting the cost of living and controlling the country’s borders, as well as getting the Tories back to a place where they can reduce taxes.


Northern business leaders slam upgrade plans

Northern business leaders have criticized the government’s leveling plans and called Westminster ‘broken’.

Leveling Secretary Michael Gove last week announced plans to target deprivation in low-income areas, including plans for more than £100million in investment accelerators for northern England, the West Midlands and Glasgow.

But Sacha Lord, co-founder of the Parklife festival and The Warehouse Project, and nightlife economy adviser for Greater Manchester, said: “One thing we have certainly seen in the pandemic – which it has really shed light on – is the fact that the UK seems to be very, very London-centric, and they seem to be getting all the money.

“It’s not ‘Manchester v London’, but it’s not fair that they get a lot more than us.

“I think Westminster is broken, it was a vehicle and I don’t think it works anymore.

“Gove was here last week, and he certainly feels like he’s interested – I just hope this isn’t some nodding dog exercise.”


Insulate Britain pledges to be back with ‘bigger’ protests

Isulate Britain campaigners said they had so far “failed” but now plan to be more ambitious in their protests.

The group which caused chaos on the M25 and other key roads last year said it would step up protests on Monday.

A statement from the band said: “It is with extremely heavy hearts that we must today announce that as Isulate Britain we have failed.

“We failed to get our irresponsible government to take meaningful action to prevent thousands of us from dying in our cold homes during the energy price crisis.

“We have failed to get this heartless government to put its people above profit and isolate our homes to do our part in reducing UK emissions.

“We have failed to encourage our government to get up from its parties, go to its office and get to work.

“And we failed to convince enough of you to join us on the road to hold this treacherous and corrupt government to account.”


Sir Keir Starmer in the clear on the office beer

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer has been cleared of an allegation he broke lockdown rules after he was filmed drinking a beer in an office.

Sir Keir was in the MP’s office for Durham City, working ahead of the Hartlepool by-election in April 2021.

He has previously insisted he did nothing wrong, despite his opponents’ comparisons to the partygate allegations at 10 Downing Street.

Durham Police have now confirmed they do not believe an offense has been committed.

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