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London pub serving over 100 free Christmas dinners to single people on December 25 reveals beautiful story of the day

After the Covid-19 pandemic threw Christmas festivities and celebrations into the air last year, it meant many people would be spending the big day alone.

Many people in London face the same prospect this year, but a pub in southwest London is hosting a special broadcast this holiday season.

The Alexandras are giving away free Christmas dinners to anyone spending December 25 alone this year.

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The pub watches over their local community

There is no reservation required and absolutely no catch, just turn around between 12pm and 3pm to be treated to a good ol ‘Christmas roast.

The pub has been carrying on the tradition since 2014, although it had to put last year’s festivities on hold due to the pandemic.

Sarah Dore, who runs the pub with her husband Mick, explained how Alexandra’s Christmas tradition came about.

She said they felt it was important to do something for those in their local community who faced loneliness during the holiday season.

The pub used to invite people over for drinks on Christmas Day, but a year ago a local hung out at the end of the day – and so they invited him over for dinner with the staff and their family .

Mick and Sarah have been hosting their community Christmas for years

Sarah explained to MyLondon: “He politely declined and walked away into the night, but he clearly has no one to spend Christmas Day with.

“So it touched us and we decided rather than offering a drink, in the future we would have a Christmas dinner.”

She said attendance at the pub’s Christmas feast has been steadily increasing over the years, starting with around 40 guests to around 145 in 2019 – the last time they hosted their dinner.

“You arrive alone and not sure what to expect, and you leave after a wonderful dinner, lots of company.

“And the local community comes together to buy Christmas presents, our vendors provide beer and wine… it’s just a really nice day. “

Sarah assured that the pub would do their best to make sure their community Christmas goes on and that they comply with any restrictions that may be put in place.

She also said it was the most rewarding day of the year to work, and the reactions on her guests’ faces can be touching.

You won’t need to book and there is no charge for their Community Christmas. The Alexandras just want people to come with company on Christmas Day.

When the Alexandra community’s Christmas festivities are over and dusted off, Sarah, Mick, their two children and the team all have dinner together afterwards.

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The pub invites anyone from across town who plans to spend Christmas Day alone this year to come and enjoy great food and better company.

So if it’s you or someone you know, the Alexandra has room for everything this Christmas.

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