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London Underground strike: Commuters face travel delays as action continues for third weekend


Commuters faced additional travel chaos over the weekend as the RMT claimed Tube’s strike action was “strongly supported” by the drivers.

Delays were reported on the center line as drivers left 7 p.m. to 4:29 a.m. Friday and Saturday evening. TfL said there was “reliable service” from Ealing Broadway to Hainaut. The next strike is scheduled for Friday December 17 and Saturday December 18.

TfL reported minor delays on the Central line until Sunday morning, with severe delays on the Circle line.

However, a full night metro service operated on the Victoria line on Saturday and Sunday as all drivers booked, although there were fewer trains on the central line, which is more heavily unionized.

Commuters have expressed frustration with the strike, causing further overcrowding in cars. One wrote on social media: “The strikes are wreaking havoc and people are piling up in tubes.

Another called the delays at the center line “a pain in the right ball” while others complained about reduced serve and overcrowding.

A TfL spokesperson confirmed that Sunday morning’s delays were partly linked to the strike.

Nick Dent, London Underground Customer Operations Manager, said: “This weekend we were able to operate a full night tube service on the Victoria Line, with all expected drivers on reservation, and reliable service during the night of Ealing Broadway in Hainaut on the Central line.

“We have been discussing this dispute with the RMT for a few months now and we have guaranteed that there will be no job losses and that anyone who wants to stay part-time has been able to do so. Metro drivers will be scheduled to work up to four night weekends each year, which they can interact with colleagues at their leisure, which seems reasonable to us.

“I urge the RMT to cancel the upcoming strike dates Friday night and Saturday all day, which will be extremely damaging for London’s hotel and retail industry at a crucial time.”

In a statement issued Friday, RMT General Secretary Mike Lynch said: “RMT Tube strike action tonight is once again strongly supported in all depots as our members fight for progressive labor practices and justice at work.

“We have made repeated offers to resolve this dispute, including in discussions this week, and the public will understand that the widespread impact on services this weekend is solely due to management’s failure to respond positively to our proposals.

“It is time for management and the mayor to recognize and respond to the anger of their staff at the imposition of these damaging and unacceptable work practices.

“Tonight’s disruption is entirely due to the fact that Tube bosses have bulldozed through arrangements that abolished the rank of night tube driver, putting everyone in a central pool where they can be moved to. will in order to reduce costs. “

A Town Hall spokesperson said: ‘The return of the Night Tube is extremely important for London’s nightlife economy, for the recovery of our city and for the confidence and safety of all who return home at night, especially women and girls.

“The continuation of the strike threatened by the RMT has disturbed many Londoners in recent weekends.

“We urge the RMT to call off the remainder of these strikes and to continue talks with Transport for London to restore full night tube services on these lines.”