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London Zoo names five penguins after queen for platinum jubilee

Everyone is celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, including the folks at ZSL London Zoo. The zoological gardens, located in Regent’s Park, have announced that they have named five of their baby penguins in honor of the Queen’s celebrations.

As the Queen is their patron, they are also hosting their own (massive) “Zoobilee Festival” during the May break from Saturday May 28 to Sunday June 5. But more on that later – what about baby penguins you say?

Born at the end of April, the birds had to be reared by hand because their parents could not take care of them. The chicks are a breed of penguin called the Humboldt, native to the South American coast, including Peru. Make them neighbors with a special kind of marmalade sandwich eating bear.

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Meet Hillary, Apollo, Bobby, Bernie and Mac!

What are their names? Well, to celebrate 70 years of the Queen’s reign, the five chicks have been named after significant moments (or people in this case) throughout that time. Meet Hillary, after Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Everest in 1953; Apollo, to mark the moon landing in 1969; Bobby, in honor of England captain Bobby Moore, who won the World Cup in 1966; Bernie, after Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the Internet in 1989; and Mac, after Ellen MacArthur, who circumnavigated the globe nonstop to set a new world record in 2005.

The penguins have not yet been sexed as they are currently too young. Suzi Hyde, penguin keeper at ZSL London Zoo, said: ‘During the breeding season, we check nests on Penguin Beach every day, keeping an eye out for any chicks that may not be getting enough food or whose parents have trouble caring for their brood.

“These five chicks all had first-time parents who needed a little extra support, so we were happy to get started – with a little help from some stuffed penguins, donated by the zoo shop, for them to huddle against.”

This is just one of the ways London Zoo is celebrating Jubilee

Their Jubilee extravaganza will include a Zoobilee street party with the craziest teddy bear picnic in town; a secret english country garden where you can step into their hidden paradise to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, obviously lots of food, glorious food including classic british sandwiches and picnic snacks such as Scotch eggs, vol-au-vents and sausage rolls.

Adults can also sneak in a glass of Pimms or two. You can also learn more about the Wild Matriarchs, take part in our Royal Treasure Hunt or see how the Queen has supported the zoo over the years in a photo exhibit of royal visits.

You can get a glimpse of the penguins progress here.

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How to get there

Address: London Zoo, Regent’s Park, NW1 4RY

ZSL London Zoo can be accessed from Camden Town, Chalk Farm, Baker Street and Regent’s Park tube stations

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