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Magic Mike’s Channing Tatum ‘had a temper tantrum’ at London restaurant Louie

A group have been kicked out of a fancy London restaurant after they were wrongly accused of taking photos of Channing Tatum.

He is known to millions as the striptease star Magic Mike.

But Channing Tatum didn’t seem quite as charming when he debuted at a fancy London restaurant earlier this month, The sun reports.

The sunThe showbiz editor has learned that the Hollywood actor jumped off the roof while dining at the sophisticated Louie restaurant in Covent Garden after he falsely accused people of taking pictures of him.

Channing, who was in London filming the third Magic Mike film, threw a tantrum at the diva and demanded that a whole group of onlookers be forced out.

Terrified of offending one of cinema’s biggest stars, the staff quickly pulled the group out.

A source said: “There was a group of six people having a meal and taking pictures of each other.

“Channing thought they were taking pictures of him and angrily raised his middle finger at them.

“The next thing the butler told them to leave.”

Last month it was revealed Westworld Actor Thandiwe Newton has been dropped from the new Magic Mike movie after a split with Channing.

Witnesses said the argument on set reached “astonishing” levels before frontman Channing drove off.

Executives decided to postpone work on the blockbuster and recast the role of Thandiwe after 11 days of filming in London.

Salma Hayek has since taken over the role.

A spokesperson for Warner Brothers Pictures said: “Thandiwe Newton has made the difficult decision to step back from producing at Warner Bros. Pictures. Magic Mike’s Last Dance settle family matters. »

A spokesman for Thandiwe told the Daily mail the report was “completely inaccurate”.

Magic Mike has been one of the most successful commercial franchises in recent years – grossing nearly £200m (A$350m) since the first film in 2012 and even spawning a live-action show.

This propelled Channing to superstar status, earning him an army of admirers.

Earlier last month, filming for the new film was briefly interrupted by female fans desperate to be close to him.

Details of the production schedule were leaked on a WhatsApp group, leading to a group of women descending on rehearsal at a dance studio in London.

Insiders say the bosses initially laughed off the intrusions but found their later appearances “disruptive” and potentially embarrassing.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced with permission.