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Mallrats star Jeremy London set to appear in black thriller / musical “Open”

Jeremy London, best known for his roles in the hit TV series Part of five and the cult classic of Kevin Smith Mallrats, expected to star in Miles Doleac’s new film Open, by Historia Films. Open, is set to begin production in late spring or early summer 2022 and has been described as an entirely unique blend of dark thriller, comedy and musical. The screenplay was written by Miles Doleac and his frequent collaborator, Lindsay Anne Williams, with original songs written by Doleac and his longtime composer, Clifton Hyde, with contributions from Williams.

Jeremy London certainly seems very excited about the project.


“Rarely have I been as excited as I am to work with Miles Doleac and Lindsay Williams on their brilliant film, Open. It’s dark and sexy, and my character is a reflection of my own experience with Hollywood and how easily it relegates actors who have had successful careers to oblivion, ”he explained. 32 years in this profession which speaks volumes. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this shocking and often dark and comedic character. I am honored to work with these talented filmmakers and look forward to raising my eyebrows and overturning the status quo that audiences have become so immune to. This project is unlike any other, so it’s already a success in my mind. ”

In response, Doleac said, “Lindsay and I wrote this with Jeremy in mind. We’re so glad he’s as excited as we are.”

In addition to his work in Mallrats and Part of five, Jeremy London has also appeared in TV shows 7th Sky and I will fly, as well as in the movie Civil War Gods and generals. He also worked behind the camera as a director on the 2013 horror film. The devil’s dozen, in which he also acted. Sadly, his acting roles aren’t the only reason London has been in the public eye. On February 2, he made headlines after being arrested on charges of domestic violence.

Even more bizarrely, however, a “kidnapping” incident took place in 2010 in which the actor told police that “several men” approached him while changing a flat tire, after helping to change the tire, London offered them a home tour. “Shortly after, he was held at gunpoint in the vehicle by one of the occupants,” police said. “The gunman forced London to go to various places in the city, buy alcohol and use illicit drugs.” London eventually escaped the vehicle and called the police. Police then located the abandoned London vehicle in Palm Springs. Following an investigation, Brian Adams, a 26-year-old Palm Springs man, was arrested and charged with kidnapping, possession of stolen property, vehicle theft and carjacking in connection with this case . London has also been open and outspoken about its struggles with drug addiction and featured in the fourth season of Celebrity Rehab With Dr Drew, broadcast on Vh1 from December 2010 to January 2011.

After several delays, original Mallrats Director Kevin Smith announced in January 2020 that he was once again working on the development of a sequel to Mallrats called Twilight of the Mallrats. He later confirmed that he had officially completed the first draft of the script and that a number of original actors, including London, are expected to reappear. This time around, Aparna Brielle will star as Banner, the daughter of character Brodie, played by Jason Lee in the original.

Mallrats 2 brings back the entire cast of Kevin Smith's original classic
Mallrats 2 brings back the entire cast of Kevin Smith’s original classic

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