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Many London music festivals have signed a pledge to tackle sexual violence

Over a hundred UK music festivals have pledged to Safer spaces at festivals campaign, pledging to fight against sexual harassment, violence and assaults at events.

Major London festivals have signed the charter, including Hospitality Weekend in the Woods, Wireless, We Are FSTVL, Community Festival, Kew the Music, Meltdown, Pub in the Park, Mighty Hoopla and London Remixed. Broadwick Entertainment, the group that organizes events at Printworks, is also getting involved in the campaign.

The charter was implemented in 2017 by the Association of Independent Festivals (AIF)who said “all allegations of sexual harassment, assault and violence will be taken seriously, dealt with promptly and investigated”.

The campaign has been relaunched this year in partnership with Rape Crisis England and Wales, Good Night Out, Safe Gigs for Women, Girls Against and UN Women, who will help provide policy advice.

Safer Spaces at Festivals promises to raise awareness of sexual violence at events, engage in a survivor-led approach when addressing sexual violence, and deliver key messages on consent and bystander intervention .

According to a 2018 YouGov poll, one in five festival-goers have been harassed or sexually assaulted at a UK festival. Now, after two years without a full summer festival season, it’s reassuring to hear that steps are being taken to move things in the right direction.

Learn more about Safer Space at Festivals here.

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