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Maryam leaves for London

Maryam Nawaz Sharif. —File photo

LAHORE: PMLN Central Vice President Maryam Nawaz left for London on a private flight here on Wednesday morning.

Maryam collected her passport on Tuesday and left for London to meet her father Nawaz Sharif, family sources said, adding that before leaving for London she recited Fateha at the graves of her grandfather, grandmother mother and her mother. Family sources said she would be staying in London for around a month, after which she would likely return home. It was still unclear whether Nawaz Sharif would also return to Pakistan with Maryam, who reached Doha on Wednesday and would reach London on Thursday evening.

Party sources said that during her trip to London, Maryam would discuss the future political scenario and power-sharing formula with her father as well as his return. It is possible that some party stalwarts will also travel to London during this period to discuss the PMLN’s future strategy in the upcoming general election.

Party sources said that currently the PMLN is under heavy public criticism due to rising inflation, rising electricity, gasoline and commodity prices. and in case the PMLN-led government fails to significantly relieve the public, they may face the consequences in the next by-elections as well as the next general elections.

They said Nawaz Sharif would hold talks with Maryam and other party leaders on ways to improve the economy and relieve the masses. Other topics of discussion include the reorganization of the PMLN in particular, in Punjab and Lahore, because since the death of the PMLN chairman in Lahore, Pervaiz Malik, the slot was empty, the sources said, adding that the father and the daughter could also discuss the legal course of action for the return of Nawaz Sharif.

The sources said that the resumption of government in Punjab, the role of the establishment in the future, the appointment of COAS, the long march of Imran Khan and the upcoming by-elections will also be discussed.

Meanwhile, Captain (Retired) Safdar, speaking to the media at Lahore airport, said he was not going to London with Maryam. “I’m facing 26 cases in different courts,” he said.

Speaking about the country’s economic situation, he said that the PMLN government would assume its responsibilities. He said that in 2017 he in parliament said if the 2018 election was stolen the dollar would break through Rs200 and the same thing happened. The economy would gradually improve, and the dollar had already started falling after Ishaq Dar returned.

Responding to a question about Maryam’s visit to London, he said she was going there after three years where she would meet her father and brothers for the first time after her mother died.