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Meet the London entrepreneurs taking part in Gordon Ramsay’s new BBC cooking show, Future Food Stars

TV chef Gordan Ramsay presents a brand new cooking competition show on the BBC with a list of hopefuls all ready to impress the harsh and often blasphemous critic. The 55-year-old restaurateur, best known for his hit shows, Hell’s Kitchen and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares takes on a different challenge as it seeks to invest in just one of the top 12 promising food and beverage entrepreneur companies.

The show, which has a format similar to The apprentice , sees every business owner from different parts of the country compete to win Gordan’s investment of £150,000. They must prove that they are good cooks and that they have the essential ingredients to succeed.

Gordon’s New Show, Future stars of gastronomy , will air next week on BBC One (March 31). Here we take a look at the London contestant ahead of its premiere.

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Leah makes cakes for people with allergies or dietary needs

Leah, 38, saw a gap in the food market and wanted to create cakes to meet the needs of people with allergies or special diets.

She set up her own business and started making cookie sandwiches with a brownie in the middle, as well as brownie donuts, and sells her homemade, dairy-free and gluten-free brownies across London.

Matthew is passionate about reducing waste

Matthew, 33, lives and breathes hospitality and believes now is the time to go it alone and open his first place with a zero waste ethic and social enterprise ambition.

He says he wants to attract customers who care about giving back to the community.

Valentina makes vegan cake mixes

Valentina has her own vegan cake mixes and a cafe called Lele’s. Famous for her vegan cakes, Valentina researched the vegan cake mix market and realized there was a huge opportunity. She has developed three mixes: vanilla cupcakes, banana bread and brownies.

Cake mixes are inexpensive and easy to make (just add water, oil and/or vegetable milk). Valentina’s vision is to make tasty vegan food an accessible option for everyone.

Victoria cooks healthy vegan snacks inspired by her mother’s plantain chips

Victoria, 28, graduated from business school in London. She says she always wanted to chart her own course in life and be her own boss. As part of her business degree, she launched a line of healthy snacks inspired by her mother’s plantain chips.

She has now expanded the line to other naturally vegan snacks. She launched into a high-end department store, won awards and hopes to bring her new range into one of the UK’s biggest supermarket chains.

Vincenzo is passionate about smoked salmon

Vincenzo, 27, runs a smoked salmon company. After working for a smoked salmon producer, Vincenzo saw their smoked salmon process and thought he could improve it, so wrote a business plan and introduced himself as a superior supplier and launched his company in 2019.

His brand is sustainable, artisanal, smoked (using only smoke and salt), hand-sliced ​​smoked salmon in fully compostable packaging.

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