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Millions are leaving London for Christmas after missing last year


Up to four million Londoners are planning a mass exodus from the capital to spend the Christmas holidays in a place they call “home,” a study finds.

After a chaotic 2020 where Christmas was effectively canceled, millions of people will be heading to the house where they grew up or where parents now live with the temptation of homemade meals as the main draw.

Dr Simon Moore, psychologist and CEO of Innovation Bubble, who has conducted research with home security company Ring, said: “Food and sensory experiences are an important part of feeling at home.

“This is because the strong psychological impact of taste and smell is a great trigger for nostalgia, especially those of our childhood home. Food represents a whole range of strong psychological needs in terms of safety, comfort, education and rewards.

Research has found that the ideal time for a home trip is two weeks for people to feel relaxed.

But 1.1 million Londoners have no plans to return home during this year’s holiday despite having wanted power. The people questioned during the psychological interviews echoed this despair, the idea of ​​being absent being described as “unbearable”.

Arielle Free said she was going home this year

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Arielle Free, radio host and DJ said: “Although I left my childhood home many years ago, for me my home in Scotland is still my ‘home from home’.

“Home is the safest place I feel and myself there is no judgment and I feel safe surrounded by the people I love the most. One of my memories and favorite feelings about me were the cinnamon candles that we put up every year on Christmas Eve.

“I always do my best to find cinnamon scented candles to help me create that warm, safe and nostalgic feeling of Scotland and home.”