London ball

Miracle Boy from Cumbria enjoys star-studded trip to London – and meets Boris

Earlier this week, Cumbria’s ‘miracle boy’ Noah Wall had a blast.

Noah was born with just 2% of his brain, which has now grown to 80% – but his history of battling adversity and his goal of “running not walking” has inspired many around the world.

He and his family took a trip to London for the Tusk Ball on Monday, which turned out to be full of surprises.

The youngster attended the ball on Monday night in memory of his late friend and Only Fools and Horses star John Challis, also in attendance was the boss of the Prince William charity.

Noah’s mother, Shelley Wall, said: “He was remembered because John was an ambassador for the Tusk Charity and supported them from their inception and obviously John had a lovely connection with Noah.

“It was a real honor to be there to represent John, we all loved John until the end … Noah even got a little John stuffed animal, with all the stuff he used to say . ”

This trip was Noah’s first time using his new wheelchair, which was kindly given to him by the Variety charity.

Shelley said, “It really made a difference to have the specialized backrest and cushion for Noah’s spine.

“He was so comfortable in it it was really wonderful.”

The family also had afternoon tea with friend Duncan Bannatyne, and were invited to Parliament by Workington MP Mark Jenkinson.

While in Parliament, the family caught the attention of Speaker of the House Sir Lindsay Hall and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whom Noah recognized “off TV”.

Shelley said, “As he was walking through the hall, I just waved my hand, and he came over and said hello to me.

“Noah just said I can’t believe I met Boris, it’s amazing, we discussed Noah’s brain and how Noah would like to be a soldier and walk, Noah’s goal in life is to run and not to walk.

“So, we told Boris all about his brain and how we brought awareness to the whole world with Noah’s story and he was really impressed with that. ”

The family wanted to thank Wigton’s tailors for the changes to Noah’s costume, Centrobeds for sponsoring her outfits and Avanti West Coast for arranging her train journey to London as well as everyone who helped with the trip.