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New Gangs Of London Trailer Gives A Ghastly Look At The Second Series

A dramatic new trailer for Sky’s Gangs Of London gives viewers a taste of the gruesome action of the upcoming second series.

The Bafta-winning show, which first aired in 2020, follows the lives of what were once London’s most powerful crime family, the Wallaces.

The second series comes a year after the death of Sean Wallace and sees the surviving Wallaces scattered and their former allies, the Dumanis, broken and separated.

Former undercover cop Elliot Finch, played by Sope Dirisu, is now forced to work for the Investors, a network of high-class, wealthy individuals who invested in the many illegal schemes of former criminal patriarch Finn Wallace.

The new trailer opens with the calm before the storm and shows Elliot sitting alone, as he says, “You think you know this world you’re in. I’ve seen things you haven’t seen and you know what it’s like to be helpless, to be a pawn in someone else’s game.

A dramatic compilation of clips including murders, explosions and familiar faces follow, as he continues: “The things that make you do, what does it feel like… To be a king?”

The new series will see a restoration of order in London, as investors have lined up behind heroin baron Asif Afridi, played by Asif Raza Mir, and together install a new ruling force in London in the form of a brutal gang leader – Koba, played by Walid Zuaiter.

Later in the trailer, a narrator says, “The town has changed, the investors have a new player.”

As a murder foray is shown, Ed Dumani, played by Lucian Msamati, is heard saying: “He has a major interest in this town now, manpower, allies, he must not be under -valued.”

Koba’s vision for the criminal landscape is one of dictatorship, a world in which old school gangster codes do not exist and in which he has a complete monopoly on London’s drug trade.

In the new trailer, Elliot comes face to face with Koba after being forced to work for investors and in a moment of violent suspense says, “I want them to know fear, to feel helpless. “

After which he is asked, “You don’t know who this man is, do you?” No one has the balls to take on Koba.

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Michelle Fairley will reprise her role as Marian Wallace for the second series of Gangs of London (Christopher Raphael/Sky/AMC/PA)

The trailer comes to a close with the return of Marian Wallace, played by Michelle Fairley, as she appears to be given a new life after the deaths of her husband Finn and son Sean.

“You would have full state protection, a new life, you would be a ghost,” she is told, as she stands in a warehouse full of guns.

After walking towards a waiting plane, a violent montage ensues and Marian says, “You understand what it took to build this city, and you know the pain of losing it. London belongs to us.

Paapa Essiedu, Orli Shuka, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Brian Vernel, Narges Rashidi and Valene Kane will all reprise their roles for the second series.

New cast members include Jasmine Armando as Saba, Fady El-Sayed as Faz, Salem Kali as Basem, and Aymen Hamdouchi as Hakim.

The second series of Gangs Of London will air on Sky and the Now streaming service later this year.