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New London achieves CT Sustainability certification

Information via the City of New London

NEW LONDON – Projects as varied as the SmartRide scheme, cultural district designation, natural resource inventory, support for women’s enterprises, tree planting scheme and allowing hens on small residential plots have earned the City recognition for its efforts to improve sustainability.

The city is one of 24 municipalities to achieve certification in 2022 from Sustainable CT, a statewide initiative that inspires and helps communities become more efficient, resilient and inclusive. The certification is effective until the end of 2025.

Certification requires municipalities to demonstrate significant achievement in a wide variety of sustainable impact areas, including building an inclusive community, thriving local economies, vibrant arts and culture, clean transportation, and housing. diversified.

“This recognition belongs to our City Hall staff and volunteers who have contributed to many of the projects that led to our certification,” said Mayor Michael Passero.

Passero recognized community members Marijo Logan, Karen Stevenson, Rene Parrine, Susan Munger and Karl Saszik for their volunteer efforts.

Staff members Richelle Meneses, executive assistant to Passero, former city planner Sybil Tetteh, public works manager Brian Sear, parking manager Carey Redd and financial accountant/purchasing officer Joshua Montague were also applauded for their ” amazing, diligent and time-consuming professional”. efforts to obtain this recognition.

Two of the city’s projects can be highlighted in Sustainable CT documents as effective use of American Rescue Plan Act funds. The organization praised New London for using part of the federal funding to contract with the Women’s Business Development Council to support new businesses and help bring the Chamber of Commerce headquarters back to the east from Connecticut to downtown. The Chamber’s headquarters will include the Regional Innovation Center, which will serve as a business incubator and support mechanism for new business owners.

The City’s efforts to improve housing were also recognized, including the creation of the 2018 Strong Communities Partnership Housing Data Profiles and the 2018 Regional Housing Needs Assessment.

The sustainable purchasing policy, which encourages staff to use purchasing cooperatives and businesses owned by women and minorities, has helped meet the organization’s social impact criteria. The political requirement to seek clean energy sources and meet green standards has helped meet environmental impact criteria.

Sustainable CT will celebrate its fifth anniversary in November and has seen strong momentum and growth as a valuable, high-impact program. Of the 169 municipalities in the state, 129 participate in this free program, representing nearly 90% of the state’s population. Sixty-two municipalities have achieved Sustainable CT certification, which requires evaluation of projects by independent experts in the areas of the project.

“We are inspired by the leadership and commitment of these communities,” said Lynn Stoddard, executive director of Sustainable CT. “From elected officials and city staff to volunteer residents, these certified cities improve opportunities and quality of life for everyone.”

The program includes actions that help cities build community connections, social equity and long-term resilience. It includes a roadmap for action and supporting tools that are particularly relevant as cities seek out practices and resources to promote racial justice and respond to the ongoing challenges of climate change and economic uncertainty.

Sustainable CT is independently funded, with strong multi-year support from the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, Hampshire Foundation, Connecticut Green Bank, Common Sense Fund, and Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut.

New London and all 2022 Certified Communities will be recognized this year at the Sustainable CT Awards Celebration scheduled for November 14 from 3-9 p.m. at West Hartford City Hall. For more information about this event and to register, go to