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new retinal serums from Trinny London; Nighttime clarity and feel

Trinny London Retinal Serums have arrived and we can’t wait to try them. In recent years, the beauty industry has been abuzz with retinoid-based serums and creams, with all the top brands offering their own iterations. So it only makes sense that our favorite beauty guru, Trinny Woodall, is working on her own formula — in fact, there’s more than one, and now they’ve landed on her site.

Trinny London’s first foray into skincare – a balm and gel cleanser duo – has been well received by the brand’s avid fans. Since then, the brand has been injecting us with new products, one category at a time. After cleansers came exfoliators and now two brand new retinal serums.

Both contain high-dose retinal – a powerful force against fine lines – but are refined to tackle different skin concerns. There’s one for treating sun damage and hyperpigmentation, and one for congested pores and acne.

Retinal+ Overnight Sensation Serum

Trinny London


The first is the Overnight Sensation Retinal+ Serum. The powerful formula, packed with a combination of gentle yet effective retinoids, works hard to firm skin and fight fine lines and age spots. Trinny says she created this one to be her “ideal retinal serum”, in particular that she wanted; “challenging the damage I did to my skin in my twenties and thirties (from too much sun and stress) that caused wrinkles and pigmentation.” Besides the retinol in the formula, there are other supercharged ingredients; Bacillus Ferment gently exfoliates, while Vitamin F boosts moisture retention.

Retinal Serum/Niacinamide Clarity Night

Trinny London


The second is the Overnight Clarity Retinal/Niacinamide Serum, which is great for someone who wants to treat hormonal breakouts and oiliness. This formula contains the same dose of retinal, but is boosted with a high dose of niacinamide and azelaic acid, which work together to balance sebum production, reduce inflammation and reduce lingering post-acne scars.

Retinols may be a catch-all hero when it comes to the signs of aging, but it’s also true that they have a reputation for leaving skin feeling dry and flaky. Trinny got around this common problem by using retinal instead of retinol: a fast-absorbing derivative with no side effects; “Our two highly active formulations help transform skin without downtime – they’re the ultimate investment in your skin.”

Trinny is what we trust, and we can’t wait to try them.

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