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Newham Heritage Month Events to Explore London 2012

4:34 PM May 30, 2022

This year, Newham Heritage Month includes a number of London 2012 themed events to mark the tenth anniversary of the Games.

The programme, which will run throughout June, will explore the preparation for the Games, the Olympic and Paralympic Games themselves and their legacy.

This is Newham’s third Heritage Month, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

There are 57 free events held at 27 sites across the borough and offerings were created by arts, heritage and community groups.

‘What London 2012 means to us’ is the theme for Newham’s Heritage Month this year
– Credit: Ken Mears

They include fashion shows, graffiti workshops, live poetry and model making.

James King, program manager for Newham Heritage Month, said the recorder“A big part of what Newham Heritage Month is about is offering a chance to groups, who may not yet have engaged in heritage work, the chance to test the waters and d have the opportunity to develop new skills and new experiences.

“We have a real mix of different groups participating. It’s very exciting.”

James said much of the impact of London 2012 was felt in Newham.

“What this year’s festival really stands out from other Olympics celebrations is that we take a critical look at the impact of the Olympics on people’s lives,” he added.

One such example is a play created by The Call Outs – a theater company formed in 2020 at the University of East London.

Soeren Wellens, Anna-Rosina Bunk and Charlie Marshall’s production The Shadows of the Olympics is set in a pub near the Clays Lane estate and examines the community that lived there.

Soeren Wellens, Anna-Rosina Bunk and Charlie Marshall are the team behind The Call Outs

Soeren Wellens, Anna-Rosina Bunk and Charlie Marshall are the team behind The Call Outs
– Credit: Kyle Leaning

The estate was demolished to make way for the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

They interviewed people who lived on the estate as part of the preparation for the play, Anna-Rosina said.

Soeren added: “With the Olympics, there is always a negative side which is the movement of people because big capitals like London have to make room for athletes and facilities if they don’t have them yet.

“Immediately we thought it was something we would like to talk about.”

It is presented at the Timber Lodge Cafe in Olympic Park from Friday, June 17 through Sunday, June 19 from 7-8 p.m. and 6-7 p.m.

Other events include former Recorder editor Colin Grainger reliving what it was like to cover the Games in an online chat with presenter Marieta Evans on June 7 from 6 p.m.

For more information on any of the programs, visit

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