London ball

Norwich City suffers late heartbreak in draw with top-flight London Seaward

The Canaries were seconds away from securing their first win since September, in their battle to avoid the crash, but fourth-placed London Seaward scored a late header for a share of the booty on Sunday.

The game started off fairly evenly, with Seaward holding most of the possession, but City appearing the biggest threat on offense.

The Blues pulled off the first shot of the game, with a ball that floated into the box and went just above the crossbar.

City’s first attempt came in the 11th minute, when they got a free kick for a hand ball from 30 yards away. Anna Larkins stepped closer to take, sending a bullet at Natasha Snelling, who just cut her over the bar at close range.

Two minutes later, City were almost in the lead as the Blues stopper had to make a critical save after his own defender missed a clearance and directed the ball straight into the goal. The resulting corner was cleared from the goal, but only up to Snelling on the left wing, who pushed forward into the box and managed to make a cross, which was recovered by the Seaward keeper.

After 16 minutes, City continued to look dangerous, as Stanley caught Seaward’s defense off guard and managed to secure a one-on-one with the keeper. She fired a shot on target but was denied by the Blues stopper, who scored a brilliant counter at close range.

London Seaward then dominated for the next 10 minutes, keeping the City three on guard. City were fortunate that a number of passes to Seaward’s goal were flagged for offside which kept the score line level.

Ellie Bishop made a critical clearance in the 30th minute when the Blues were in a dangerous position on the edge of the box. She managed to beat her player off the ball and cleared him to safety.

City were then able to counter, with a nice ball from midfield sent back to Snelling, who was heading quickly towards goal. She earned a one-on-one with the goalie and shot the goal, her shot beating the Blues scorer but hitting the post with some force.

On the other end, Summer Ward, who had her first start for City this season after recovering from a long-term injury, worked hard on the left wing, regaining possession deep in Seaward’s half. . She managed a cross in the box, but the Blues goaltender was quick to recover.

In the 37th minute, the impasse was broken, as the visitors cashed the first of the match. Williams was caught out of her line and a determined Seaward team went on goal, closing City’s stopper and hitting the back of the net.

Williams was forced to make a big save two minutes later as the Blues got another shot on target, and a minute later Leilah Gooding made a crucial clearance into the six-yard box.

As the pressure mounted on City, seconds before the halftime whistle, Megan Todd got the chance to pull one off for the home side as she caught the keeper out of his place in the surface but could not quite hit the target.

At halftime, Ward replaced Katie Lee, who had also just returned from a long injury.