London ball

London police say officers shared photos of sisters who died of ‘shameful’ misconduct

The police department determined that officers posted several photos of the bodies of two murdered sisters on social media. Officers were assigned to the crime scene patrol in June 2020. File photo courtesy of London Metropolitan Police November 24 (UPI) – The London Metropolitan Police Department said on Wednesday an examination revealed two former officers […]

London festival

London festival chief optimistic about future of cinema

When Tricia Tuttle, director of the BFI London Film Festival, arrived in Cannes in July, it was the first time in a long time that she had found herself sitting in a large hall watching a film. The experience, she says, was “incredibly moving.” Maybe that’s why, when asked what his highlights are from the […]

London party

London Boxed Party Announces Final Night & Compilation After Eight Years

The London-based grime party Boxed is coming to an end after eight years of events and releases. A party at Corsica Studios in London this Friday September 17th will be the band’s final event, which originally launched with Slackk, Logos, Mr. Mitch and Oil Gang at the helm in 2013. Their final party will see […]