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Pincher case escalates, PM Johnson knew of suspended Tory MP’s ‘ways’

“Pincher by Nature”: There’s more to the Pincher case now, but not scandalous enough to merit the title “Pinchergate.” A former aide to Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, now says the PM was aware of the ways of former deputy party leader Chris Pincher. Pincher was removed from his post after admitting to groping two men at the Conservative party club. Cummins said Johnson called him “Pincher by name, Pincher by nature”. The Prime Minister’s press service has not yet denied this.

After initial reluctance to act, the party suspended Pincher as a Tory MP and he had previously stepped down as Deputy Chief Whip. But Pincher has made it clear that he will not step down as an MP. The big bosses clearly don’t want to risk another by-election, as Pincher won by a massive margin of 19,634 votes. But in a by-election last month, the Conservatives lost a seat by more than 6,000 votes they held, in particular a seat they won by a majority of more than 24,000 votes.

Thus, it was announced that Pincher was now seeking medical help. The amount of damage that can control is far from clear.

Broad’s dilemma: England bowler Stuart Broad is considered one of the most reliable and he has had his successes in the current test. But it’s a game he would like to forget. Jasprit Bumrah was never likely to set a record as a batsman, which he did by winning the most runs ever in a Test match. Call it tail luck, but there’s nothing Broad can do to erase it from the record.

Broad will also be remembered in India for their bowling record in one-day games when Yuvraj hit it for six sixes in an over. It was during a T20 World Cup match in 2007.

Brave New England captain Ben Stokes was also embarrassed. He hasn’t quite found the ‘miracle touch’ that led England to that historic Test win over Australia. Everyone forgets the chances Australia missed and the poor refereeing decisions that helped England win. There is a lot to play for individually in this remaining test match.

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