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Plans for a ‘London-style’ bus system offering the ‘fastest and most reliable services’

A London-style bus system could come to Wirral to help the “historic scourge of bus deregulation”.

Liverpool City region mayor Steve Rotheram told ECHO about his plans for the entire region when asked about the provision of buses to Wirral.

People had explained to ECHO how parts of Wirral became “no man’s land” after 6pm due to the lack of buses.

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We asked the Liverpool City region about their concerns after Arriva said they are still reviewing their services and Stagecoach admitted that more buses in Noctorum, Beechwood and Wallasey would not be commercially viable.

Mayor Steve Rotheram said the LCR pays to support vital services, but the funding is not there to subsidize all the roads that have been cut over the years.

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He said: “People across the Wirral, like those in communities around the city area, rely on the bus to get around every day. I work to provide a London-style transport system that offers the cheapest, fastest and most reliable services available to people.

“The historic scourge of bus deregulation has allowed private operators to keep the most profitable routes while cutting those many depend on. We were able to pay to support some of these vital services, but we do not have the funding to maintain them all.

The Pyramids Shopping Center and Birkenhead Bus Station.

He also said he was looking to the future and wanted a ‘London-style’ system in place for Wirral and the LCR, which would see more public money spent on transport to help increase routes. and times.

“Since I was elected, I have been working to use the powers under the Bus Services Act to gain greater local control over our bus services. It is a long and difficult process, but one that, I think, will significantly improve transport throughout our region.

“As part of this, I will campaign for support for London – where public spending is almost £ 500 more per capita – to help build the London-style system we deserve.”

While this does not solve the immediate problems faced by people who say they are cut off due to a lack of routes, there is a process that people and communities can follow if they wish to ask for that money. of CRL to be used for a bus service they need. but is not considered financially viable by private companies.

There are regular consultations on bus routes where people can make known to LCR areas that need a route or extended route.

These have been canceled due to the pandemic, but ECHO understands there is due to be one later this year but no date has been set yet.

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