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Prime Minister to share ‘London Plan’ in address to nation – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is expected to make important announcements upon his return from London, where he will share the outcome of the strategy developed by key minds of the PML-N during consultations with party leader Nawaz Sharif, the party said on Saturday. Minister of Information.

Shortly after returning from London itself, government spokeswoman Marriyum Aurangzeb told reporters in the capital that upon his return Prime Minister Sharif would take all his allies on board before sharing ” important announcements in his address to the nation” on his return to the country.

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Although the Minister described the stay in London as a “routine consultation” before the departure of the delegation, some party leaders Dawn interviewees after the two-day consultations were unusually low-key, saying they were sworn to secrecy.

However, insiders revealed that the talks covered everything from the current economic crisis facing the country, the upcoming federal budget for 2022-23, the question of an appropriate date for the next election and also the political situation. facing Pakistan, especially in the regular public rallies organized by the rivals of the PTI government, across the country.

Speaking to media in Islamabad on Saturday, Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb said the prime minister would consult with allied political parties on strategy and all decisions ahead of his address to the nation.

Prime Minister Sharif is currently in the United Arab Emirates to pay respects to former Emirati President Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who died earlier this week, and is expected to return to Pakistan on Sunday (today).

“He will be briefing the nation very soon on the whole strategy and decisions taken in London,” the information minister said. The minister said her party leadership had held “long and detailed” sessions on how to lessen the fallout from bad decisions made by the PTI government over the past four years.

Asked about the possibility of a snap election, she said the current setup was a coalition, so that decision would be made by all allies. However, she expressed the hope that she was that all allied political parties would decide, and expressed the hope that the government would complete its constitutional mandate.

“But the focus is on developing a strategy to reduce the burden of inflation on the masses and restore confidence in the economy,” she added. She also attacked Imran Khan and the PTI, saying they were unable to ask about the economy. , because the current government came to power only a few weeks ago. She said it was time for Imran Khan to answer for the economic disasters, crisis and turmoil he had inflicted on Pakistan. with contempt. Asking in what capacity he was using the KP government helicopter to fly to public meetings, when he did not hold any government office or position, she said, “When you attack state institutions, there will be legal action against you. It is the responsibility of the government and it knows how to discharge it”.

Posted in Dawn, May 15, 2022