Pro-Ject's Debut Carbon EVO record player adds high-end features, costs $500

Pro-Ject’s Debut Carbon EVO record player adds high-end features, costs $500

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In its almost 30-year history, Pro-Ject Audio Systems has released products from amps and CD players to speakers and headphones, but it’s best known for turntables. Now the company has added to its already sizable lineup — there are 57 different record players listed on its website — with an update to the Debut, the $499 (£449) Debut Carbon EVO.

Pro-Ject has long sparred with industry veteran Rega, and the new EVO looks to take the British company’s Planar 1 head-on, touting features the Rega lacks. The EVO includes a one-piece carbon-fiber tonearm, adjustable feet, an electronic speed selection (no more removing the platter) and for the US, a factory-mounted Sumiko Rainier phono cartridge (a $150 value). The turntable also includes a suspension system borrowed from the higher-end X1 and a hefty 3.7-pound aluminum platter.

Not happy with a simple choice of black or white, Pro-Ject offers nine different finish options, including forest green and canary yellow (perfect for color coordination as seen below). The turntable is available now. 



As an owner of both Pro-Ject and Rega turntables, I have always admired Pro-Ject’s musicality and value for money, and with the Carbon EVO these precepts still appear to be priorities. Pro-Ject’s main issue is that its numerous models can lead to dilution; Rega offers only three turntables under a grand while Pro-Ject has dozens. The recent $300 T1 and $900 X1 were billed as part of a fresh slate for the company — one entry-level turntable and one higher-end, done — but with the release of the EVO it seems Pro-Ject is back to its old tricks.

I’m very much looking forward to pitting the Carbon EVO against Rega’s Planar 1 in the near future. Keep an eye out on CNET and check out our other turntable reviews here.

The specs for the Debut Carbon EVO are as follows:

  • 8.6-inch, one-piece carbon-fiber tonearm, integrated headshell
  • Low-friction precision sapphire tonearm bearings
  • Sumiko Rainier phono cartridge, factory mounted and precision aligned (US only)
  • Heavy 3.7 pound die-cast aluminum platter
  • Electronic Speed Selection for 33 and 45 rpm (78 capable)
  • TPE-damped motor suspension
  • Premium gold-plated, chassis-mount RCA jacks
  • One-piece continuous run, high purity copper internal tonearm wiring, shielded termination box
  • Height adjustable TPE-damped aluminum leveling feet
  • Hinged adjustable dust cover included
  • Connect its E phono cable with attached external ground wire
  • Multivoltage power supply

Update, Aug. 28: Pro-Ject has clarified that the turntable name is Debut Carbon EVO, not the Debut Carbon Evolution.

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