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Raiders 2022 draft outlook: WR Drake London

Raiders 2022 draft prospect
Name: Drake London
Position: wide receiver
School: USC
Height: 6’5 ″
Weight: 210 lbs


Capture radius and contact captures. The first sees the USC star bring the capture beam into play. The proximity throw shows faith in making the catch, whether it is halfway through or not. Looking specifically at the technical aspect, London secures the ball well, not taking too long to transfer the ball. The fluidity shines through here.


Although it is not the prototype burner, the perspective becomes vertical. Now he won’t go seventy yards on a pass, but those thirty yard catches will be in clusters. Plus, with a little bit of separation after a capture, London can step onto the field and excel after the capture.


As evidenced by its many big plays, the easier a jump, London gets the ball off every foot and while being contacted. Uniquely, the player can also shake off the attempted corner kick on a shorter passing route. Watching a longer wide come off underneath with a fake head and shoulders look unlikely, but London is extricating itself from various situations.


Certainly, London creates a separation with its size. However, he needs to hone in on some of the faster, timing-related patterns. Still, the aforementioned footwork and frame gives the quarterback a target to throw. At the bottom of the field, it’s him and the corner.


The tape shows an attitude. Whether it’s getting rid of tackles or refusing to let defenders have the final say, London behaves with a clear sense of confidence. With the ball in the air and the defender close by, the Trojan talent will fight for the ball. In addition, he shows a will and desire to block the field.

Raiders adjustment

Outside of Hunter Renfrow, the Raiders lack outside help. Bryan edwards vanishes into thin air. Whether it’s a lack of confidence from Derek Carr or not, he’s disappointed. Effective offenses cannot exist only with a dominant tight end and a shrewd niche. The teams see it and lock in this approach. London could enter Las Vegas with a very different dynamic to that enjoyed by the team. They tried with Tyrell Williams. Meanwhile, London gives the team a true X receiver. With strength, he can defeat the Jam. The Raiders would see the USC star thrive in the middle and deep areas of the passing game. Additionally, with his talent for red zone execution, the quarterback will benefit from a difference factor that will win with a physique inside the 20. In a talented draft class, Drake London would give the Las Vegas Raiders an instant starter.

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