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Report: USC WR Drake London Suffers Minor Injury, Moves Pro Day

USC wide receiver Drake London will move its professional day to April 15, according to NFL Networks Ian Rapoport. London was originally due to hold its own professional day on April 5.

Rapoport reports that the decision was made after London suffered a “mild hamstring strain during training over the weekend”.

London also broke his ankle in the 2021 season and has been working on his recovery since October. The California native spent three seasons at USC and is expected to become a first-round draft pick.

London recorded 88 catches for 1,084 yards and seven touchdowns in eight games last season.

NFL Draft Bible’s rates USC WR Drake London:

“It’s not easy for a prospect to establish himself as a go-to option when surrounded by future NFL receivers. Yet Drake London has been an outstanding passer since his first season. USC lists the California native as 6’5”, 210 For his height, London is an exceptionally smooth athlete with an impressive sideways burst and direction-changing ability.

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He has rare movement skills compared to his frame. In fact, the star catcher’s skill set extends far beyond what is expected of a great catcher. London is a patient and advanced road runner who uses head simulations, body language and jab steps to force defensive backs into missteps or early hip turns.

The former two-sport varsity athlete has fast feet and loose hips to further enhance his running route. He also uses gait and speed changes to put defensive backs to sleep.

Thanks to his nuanced pre-capture work, London is a consistent splitter on breaking routes. When he can’t find space, he can box the defenders at the capture point. Additionally, he has an impressive sense of zones and adjusts his speed to stay open when needed. London also has stellar hands and regularly points the ball. He regularly takes the ball through traffic and anticipating contact.

In addition to its exciting pre-capture skills, London’s post-capture ability is special. He is sneaky with the ball in his hands and has excellent spinning movement. Additionally, the former four-star recruit has remarkable power, contact balance and drive to drive through or carry defenders.

Additionally, London is generally effective as a blocker thanks to its size and strength. When the play breaks down and the quarterback is forced to scramble, the receiver struggles to open up. »


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