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Rishi Sunak has never loved India so much

Good for business: A conversation between Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak and some Indian media showed how much an Indian Sunak is in his heart and at home. His daughter, he told us, is learning Kuchipudi. And that the girl was part of a group of Kuchipudi dancers who performed for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations at Westminster Abbey.

Rishi Sunak is expected to be in India later this year, and he said he was looking forward to it. And to meet as a family in their family home. The father-in-law is of course NR Narayana Murthy, co-founder of Infosys. Sunak had a lot to say about his relationship with the Indians and how much he valued them.

But why now? He has long publicly downplayed his Indian connections. According to him, this will not please his constituents who want to elect a very British MP. Sunak therefore highlighted the British and minimized the Indian in him. But now Britain is eyeing a free trade deal with India as its main post-Brexit adventure. Britain is actively doing its public relations with India and above India now. Which makes it political for Sunak to now come across as more Indian than he ever has before.

True to its name: It turns out that some of the most controversial British MPs have unfortunately been appointed. The Tory MP in a soup now for groping two men in a London club is quite significantly called Chris Pincher. Mr. Pincher confessed to getting drunk and groping the males. He offered to resign as Deputy Chief Whip of the ruling party.

Mr. Pincher has already pinched. Several Tory MPs are now telling the party that Mr Pincher summoned them to private meetings and groped them – or pinched them. They said they had complained to the party leadership but could not take their complaints forward because Mr Pincher demanded evidence.

Pincher was investigated for “improper conduct” in 2017 but was cleared as the inquest found no evidence. He was accused of making an unwanted pass to Olympic rower Alex Story, whose story was not accepted.

In April, a Tory MP, Neil Parish, resigned after he was caught watching hard-core pornography in the Houses of Parliament. From Mr. Parish, not the kind of conduct the vicar of his parish might have expected.

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