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Shamrock Rovers boss Stephen Bradley describes horror stab wounds he suffered in London while at Arsenal

SHAMROCK ROVERS manager Stephen Bradley has described how he was stabbed in the head in a botched robbery of his London home during his days at Arsenal.

The 37-year-old’s playing career was massively affected by the attack as he was sidelined from contact sports for a year.


Alongside sporting director Stephen McPhail after retaining the league

During a broad interview during his playing days and current coaching career, he told Off the Ball how the shocking assault happened.

He said: “I was stabbed in the head which kicked me out for a long time. I would have been 18 at the time.

“My house was broken into and I was stabbed and broke some ribs and stuff like that.

“As a result, I was not allowed to play contact sports for a very, very long time.”


He has, however, stated elsewhere that he does not think he would have reached the rank at The Gunners if it had never happened.

Hoops’ boss explained that his development has stalled as he is not ready to live on his own in London after earning enough money.

On top of that was the simple fact that there was an extremely talented generation of young people at Highbury at the time – namely led by Cesc Fabregas who had arrived via Barcelona.

While Bradley returned to Irish football and enjoyed a successful career, he also mentioned that from the start he turned to the mindset of a coach by analyzing every training session he went to. was participating from a coaching perspective in his day.

This shift in focus led to his decision to retire at the age of just 29.

On how the stabbing contributed to this awareness, he added: “It definitely helped me and shaped me.

“It really allowed me to focus on what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go, in football and in life.

“So while you obviously wouldn’t wish that on anyone, it definitely helped me refocus and understand what happened and where I want to go.”