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Slough directors’ film Little English at Indian Film Festival London

A FILM director from Slough said he was “lucky to have an amazing cast and crew” as his film is set to hit the big screen this month.

Writer and director Pravesh Kumar of Slough is preparing to share his film Little English on the big screen.

Set and shot in the city, the story follows young Punjabi bride Simmy who faces unexpected disappointment when her British Asian husband runs a runner on the wedding night.

With only a basic understanding of English, she is unable to leave the house, surrounded by her goofy in-laws. She finds an unlikely ally in her wayward brother-in-law, Harry, and a secret romance blossoms.

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Produced by Slough-based Resource Productions, Pravesh said he wanted to talk about what it’s like to live in a small town like Slough.

He said: “I wrote this screenplay many years ago, Slough has a reputation across the country, and I wanted to show how it’s like anywhere else, there’s a community, there’s has beautiful places, there are no such beautiful places, just like every city.

Pravesh, who is also the artistic director of the Rifco Theater Company, added that he loved making the feature with a diverse, young and local team of creatives.

“The whole team is either from Slough or Berkshire and it was great to work with so many talented people.”

Filming locations included Slough High Street, Farnham Road, Herschel Park and Church Street.

And Pravesh said it took about six weeks to film, followed by post-production.

The film is set to premiere at the London Indian Film Festival at the BFI on June 24.

Pravesh said: “It’s amazing to have made a feature debut that is an authentic romantic comedy within the community, from our own lens.

“I’m really nervous about it hitting the big screen at the festival, but you do what you love and I know I did my best with the movie and it was great to make a movie. where I live.

“I hope this will change Slough’s reputation as the town is a true creative hub.”

Pravesh explained that making a film on a micro-budget was tricky and he had to make compromises.

Swamp Watcher:

“I was blessed with an incredible cast and creative partners,” he added.

“We made this movie with everything we have and he has a big heart.

“It’s not often a film like this is made and I can’t wait for the public to see it because it’s for them.”

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Producer Dominique Unsworth said: “We are delighted to have been selected by LIFF for their UK gala screening at the BFI.

“South Asians make up almost 8% of the UK population and globally they are an underserved diaspora.

“It’s a film for everyone, but it’s important to us that we have our UK premiere at a festival that engages with an audience that the film represents.”