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‘Son of Letterkenny’ kicks off exciting month of Irish festivities in London – Donegal Daily

Letterkenny residents had two mayors among them in early January when Cllr Troy Gallagher, Islington’s first Irish-born mayor, came home for Christmas and New Year.

There was no competition, only welcomes, as Mayor Gallagher received congratulations from locals for his achievements in London.

Originally from Muckish Avenue, Mayor Gallagher has lived in Islington for over 20 years, holding key leadership positions in human resource management and has been in public life for 20 years, 11 of which as an Islington Councillor. He was elected Mayor of Islington Borough Council in May 2021.

Mayor Gallagher was home last month, not just to see his family, but to kick off ‘Irish Month of Islington’ in March 2022 to celebrate and commemorate 100 years of the Irish in Islington, London and across the UK.

2022 marks a century of Irish independence and Mayor Gallagher has big plans to celebrate the Donegal and Irish diaspora in Islington. A gala ball, a charity céiliGoats don’t shave, heritage walks and a day of family activities are part of a rich program that revolves around the weekend of St. Patrick. The events are aimed at all residents and visitors to Islington – those with an Irish connection and those without – to enjoy the diversity and richness of Irish culture and heritage.

Mayor Gallagher, in his town hall, seeks to celebrate the Irish who built Britain – from navvies to nurses, and modern Irish people who are building Britain in other ways via IT, finance, technology politics, the media and the creative arts.

He said Donegal Daily“No other race in the world has made such a successful contribution to Britain as the Irish. In doing so, they never forgot their homeland, they sent money back to Ireland and continued to help the Irish economy, and they have also helped their own communities in Islington and across the UK.

“The Irish too, through their hard work and hard experience, also stood up to fight for better housing, better social rights and to stand up for minorities in the communities where they lived.

“It is really important that we continue to celebrate 100 years of Irish contribution to the UK this year.

“According to Irish stereotypes, we don’t mind being seen as ‘great craics’, so I hope many people will come and enjoy these events with their friends and family.”

Islington Council works with London Irish Center organize the festivities, strengthen and deepen existing relationships, in support of the associations chosen by the Mayor: icap, James’ place and forum+.

The celebrations, supported by Donegal County Council, also aim to boost Donegal’s growth by highlighting the employment and remote working opportunities that exist between London and Ireland.

Mayor of the Municipal District of Letterkenny-Milford, Jimmy Kavanagh, attended the local launch of the commemorations in Letterkenny and said he was looking forward to participating in the program.

Mayor Kavanagh said: “We hope we can make a very positive contribution to Troy’s work in Islington in the way he promotes Irish people and also in the way Irish people rally behind him during his year. as mayor.

“Troy has made a huge contribution to his adopted hometown (Borough of Islington) but he has also made a huge contribution by also giving back to Letterkenny and involving Letterkenny and Donegal in this celebration. We are delighted to be part of it. We know it will be a great success and that there will also be opportunities here to promote the county, promote the city and strengthen the relationship between the two regions.

Cllr Ciaran Brogan, Chairman of Donegal County Council’s Economic, Enterprise and Emergency SPC, said: ‘We are very proud of the success of Mayor Troy Gallagher, a true son of Letterkenny and now Mayor of Islington .

“I think the success he has achieved for all of Ireland has huge benefits for all of us here in Letterkenny and Donegal. Being Mayor of Islington will enhance the benefits for many who work there.

“There is an economic advantage for us in the North West region to demonstrate that we can do in a small area, working from home. From a tourism perspective, this is a great opportunity for Donegal County Council to show off what we do best here in the North West.

Letterkenny’s launch was attended by two other local men who now call Islington home, Ciaran Greene and Brian McBrearty. Along with Sham McBride, Damian Doherty, Johnny McGinley, Daltach Molloy and Stephen Collins, son of broadcaster Charlie Collins, they will play key roles in the commemorations.

Mayor Gallagher’s uncle Pat ‘Nora’ Gallagher, London Donegal Association chairman Tony McFadden and Gweedore man Peader McFadden, general manager of the Doubletree Hilton Hotel, Islington, also have roles as prominent in the mayor’s team leading the star-studded “Return to the Galtymore” gala ball. .

Donegal Daily Charlie Collins, who will be hosting select events on the calendar, gives us a preview of what’s to come:

Islington Irish Month begins with a reception with the Irish Ambassador and guests of the Mayor at the Irish Embassy on Tuesday 1 March.

The full schedule of events and information on how to book tickets can be found at the London Irish Center website HERE.

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