London celebrations

Spectacular landings filmed as Storm Eunice slams London Heathrow

Dyer was in full commentary mode during the video, explaining the “three strikes” rule for landing attempts: if at first you don’t succeed, try again, but after three attempts, that’s it.

After the crew tries to land three times without success, they are forced to divert to another airport. In the case of a British Airways flight, he had to make it all the way to Geneva in Switzerland after he couldn’t get his wheels off, with the drama of all his attempts covered and commented on in a way that had more than your usual airplane enthusiasts log in and pop out the popcorn.

Newshub recently featured another video filmed by Big Jet TV which captured a British Airways plane suffering a tail strike while landing, also at Heathrow, which is just up the road from Dyer’s home.

Dyer’s Big Jet TV YouTube channel was trending on social media, reaching number two on Twitter in the UK, with one of his signature phrases as planes touched down – “bosh” – at number three.

As a Qatar Airways A380 made two failed landings and arrived for the third and final time – which was a success – more than 230,000 people watched the event live on Big Jet TV. Separately, more than 53,000 people were following the plane’s route on Radar Flight 24 as it circled the British capital while attempting to land.

“It’s a fantastic thing to watch,” Dyer told CNN.

“It’s the battle, isn’t it? It’s the forces of nature against an alloy bathtub with wings that we’ve built and we have to control it down to the ground in the winds of Mother Nature.

His livestream went mainstream over the hours. Chelsea Football Club shared a link to their channel, as did Netflix. UK TV channel Dave took it a step further by giving her their own TV show.

At least 15 planes aborted their landings while Big Jet TV broadcast live, but those that did land would be celebrated with Dyer’s “fair play” commentary.

On a day like this, you might take that as a badge of honor.

Images courtesy of Widespread television.