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the cheapest pint in London. Just £2.50, folks!

UPDATED: 25/1/2022

Last week we told you about our quest to find the cheapest pint of beer in London. At this (early) stage, we couldn’t do better than a pint of Sam Smith’s Alpine Lager at the Captain Kidd in Wapping for £3.10. There were also finalists who came pretty close to The Captain Kidd, with both top secret comedy club and The Ramble Inn sell pints for £3.60.

Now, however, new information has reached the Time Out news/beer desk. There are local reports of an A-board outside another boozer by the river, the yacht in Greenwich, advertising a pint of cask bitters for just £2.50.

Due diligence demanded that we didn’t just take an anonymous whistleblower as gospel, so we forced one of our most weary writers to crack Dry January and come down and check the story out for real. He duly confirmed that this indeed appears to be the case, providing this snapshot of street advertising as documentation:

Photography: Chris Waywell

Okay, so it’s an own-brand affair, but seriously, it’s frankly a knockout steal, especially in a candle-lit, touristy postcode like Greenwich. Four pints for ten! It’s like the past.

Of course, our quest has only just begun. Maybe there’s an even cheaper cold boy we haven’t heard of yet. If you usually get your pints cheaper than this, let us know!

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