The Division 2's open beta is here: Here's how to download

The Division 2’s open beta is here: Here’s how to download

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Ubisoft’s shoot-and-loot sequel The Division 2‘s full release is fast approaching, and for those on the fence about purchasing it, the game’s open beta is now here on PS4, Xbox One and PC until March 4. If you missed out on the private beta from earlier in February, now’s your chance to sample the third-person military shooter that takes place in post-pandemic Washington, D.C. before it’s officially released March 15.

The game is available in both the PS4 and Xbox One in-game stores. On PC you’ll need to download Ubisoft’s games portal Uplay to gain access, even if you’re trying to access the beta through the Epic Games Store.



The open beta comes with quite a bit more than the private beta, with three main missions (one more than the private beta) and five side missions in the open world. You’ll be able to sample some the Division 2’s end-game content, where you’ll gain access to three of the game’s character specializations: Demolitionist, Survivalist, and Sharpshooter. The open beta will also give players access to one of the three PvPvE Dark Zones and a 4v4 PvP Skirmish mode.

For the full list of changes and tweaks made to the game based on player feedback during the private beta, check out the full update list here. And for more details on The Division 2 throughout the beta weekend, check in with GameSpot’s coverage here.

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