London festival

The London Film Festival: Extravaganza of entertainment, history and cultural celebration scheduled for 2023

Empower London Foundation has officially announced its intention to host a vibrant new arts, music and culture festival to take place in the capital to raise funds for many of the city’s charities: The London Festival. The showcase promises to be an extravaganza of live musical performances, city-wide cultural events, engaging new technology and wellness entertainment.

A totally immersive and technologically advanced event like the capital has never seen before, visitors will be invited to delve into the past at six spectacular, life-size ‘festival grounds’ that trace the development of the city from its Roman beginnings, through the often gruesome medieval period and through to the later Georgian and Victorian periods. .

Thrill seekers and contemporary history buffs can also revisit the capital’s war spirit with remarkable re-enactments and interactive and immersive sets that allow visitors to see and experience the capital like never before thanks to reality. increased.

With plenty to see and do, visitors can glimpse the technology of the future at the innovation hub, shop until they stumble upon the London Market which will showcase more creative products. from 200 vibrant independent retailers and designers in London or even participate in a plethora of community-led courses and creative workshops in the Outreach Zone.

There are also a variety of cultural delights on offer, including an interactive art gallery where viewers can ‘step inside’ the art to enjoy a new perspective on the piece and a new world pavilion where the culture of Hawaii will be the focus of the 2023 launch event.

For music and performance lovers, a selection of bands, performance artists and VIP special guests will be on hand to perform each day, the particularity being that visitors will have the decisive vote on the final lineup thanks to a real-time online voting system.

To underscore the ethics of supporting creativity, all artists and amateur groups will receive grants to help them further their careers and continue to support the creativity of Londoners.

By emphasizing education and accessibility for all, The London FestivalThe animators have also created a secure area dedicated to children with entertainment, a playground and a baby area run by early childhood professionals.

The London Festival will take place in the capital over a two-week period in the summer of 2023 with 100% of all funds raised dedicated to providing vital financial support to organizations running educational programs, offering support to entrepreneurs and rolling out awareness-raising campaigns. public to underprivileged communities, under- realized individuals and underprivileged children across the capital.

The initiative has already received strong support from most MPs and members of the London Assembly, with organizers now reaching out to the government to involve them in the overall project.

David Knights, a director of Empower London, said: “Bold, courageous and completely unlike anything that has been done in the capital before, we have big plans to make the London Festival one of the events to be seen. not to be missed in the capital and attracting visitors from all over the world.

“With an ambitious goal of raising £ 150million for charitable causes over 10 years from ticket sales alone, the London Festival is meant to be inclusive, exciting, immersive and aims to celebrate the best of the capital through our unique partnership with the Nascent Vek Group event experts and the support of government officials and local community groups. ”


Empower London Foundation is committed to raising funds to improve the lives of disadvantaged communities and underappreciated individuals in the capital by partnering with reputable charities and public sector organizations.
By raising funds through an annual two-week event known as the London Festival, the association seeks to provide funds to numerous charities operating in the capital to enable them to run educational programs, fund startups and to help fund public awareness campaigns on important topics affecting communities in the London area. He has embarked on a ten-year plan for the London Festival.