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The London store only sells luxury water, with bottles costing up to £120

A new shop that only sells expensive bottled water has opened in London.

Fine Liquids, located in Fulham, stocks hundreds of bottles of natural water, costing up to £120 per bottle.

The store is run by water sommelier Milin Patel, who believes that no two types of water in the world taste the same.

The cheapest bottle starts at £2.50, with water sources from places as far away as Australia.

Patel, 40, is now on a mission to raise awareness of different types of water and offers watering taster classes.

Aqua man: Milin Patel wants to raise public awareness of water varieties


“I call myself the Willy Wonka of natural water. I’ve always had a deep passion for water – it’s my life and I want to show others how to appreciate it,” he said.

“There are so many different factors that make water unique – different temperatures and mineral levels change its taste and mouthfeel.

“There is no better water in the world, but it is my job to find the best one for you.”

Patel said he hopes he can help people learn to appreciate different waters the way they appreciate wine.

Fine Liquids currently stores over 100 types of water from different natural sources around the world, including springs and rain basins.

All water is sold in glass bottles, plastic bottles are prohibited in the store.

The varying flavors are the result of different levels of calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate, all of which “create a different taste and feel in the mouth,” Patel explained.

“When it comes to tasting water, you have to let your senses experience it – it’s more than the taste.

“Trialing the different types of water will help you determine your personal preferences. For example, silica-rich water has a very velvety mouthfeel.

“Water with high levels of magnesium will taste slightly sweet and metallic.”

The most expensive water sold by Fine Liquids is Patagonia’s APSU Origin Water, which sells for £120 per 750ml bottle.

Splashes: the most expensive water from Fine Liquids, APSU Orogin (left, £120) and Svalbardi Polar Iceberg (£100)


This water comes from a free-flowing glacier in the Gran Campo Nevado in subantarctic Chilean Patagonia.

Patel said water is a perfect conversation starter for a dinner party.

“With these more expensive waters, when you tell people about it, they stop and listen,” he said.

“People buy bottles like these for things like dinner parties and talking to guests about the water starts a beautiful dialogue. It really makes it memorable.

Despite his passion for luxury waters, Patel is far from anti-tap water.

“My personal view as a water consultant is that we are very lucky to have and drink tap water,” he said.

“We should all drink tap water, or filtered tap water, for hydration, and drink glass bottled water as a fine wine or candy.”