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The new London Festival Foods will open on Friday

NEW LONDON, WI (Submitted to OnFocus) – Skogen’s Festival Foods will open its new store at 308 N. Shawano Street in New London at 5 a.m. on Friday, October 15. The store will be open daily from 5 a.m. to midnight.

In mid-September, Skogen’s Festival Foods announced plans to buy Festival Foods in New London from the Coppersmith family, who have owned and operated the store in a separate Festival Foods franchise for two generations. The transition brings ownership of every Wisconsin Festival Foods to the Skogen family.

Mark Skogen, President and CEO of Skogen’s Festival Foods, said the company is looking forward to welcoming new guests to New London.

“We are grateful to the Coppersmith family for their outstanding leadership over the years, and we are humbled by the positive response we have received so far from our future clients who live in and around New London,” Skogen said. .

On October 1, Skogen’s Festival Foods announced the upcoming acquisition of three Trig’s stores in central Wisconsin. With the four new stores, Skogen’s Festival Foods will operate 39 locations throughout Wisconsin.

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