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The ridiculously tricky London Underground quiz that even seasoned commuters won’t know all the answers to

Ok so it’s New Years again, time to sit around watching trash tv and trying to get rid of the hangover.

MyLondon has discovered stories about the London Underground throughout the year.

From abandoned stations to hidden tunnels and haunted escalators, we’ve tried to uncover some of the many mysterious stories about our beloved metro system.

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Now we thought we would put you to the test and see how much you read with this rather hidden and lost London Underground quiz quiz. Things you usually won’t see on your daily commute.

Now is your chance to tame your London friends with your knowledge! Good luck!

(Please note that the answers are at the end, so don’t scroll too far)

If you need help you can find all the answers in our stories right here


1. Which old London Underground station was the code for a code made by James Bond in the movie Skyfall?

2. What old West London Underground station once had a special bay platform used for milk delivery?

3. Which metro station had the narrowest platforms in the metro before its overhaul in the 90s?

4. What was the name of the man who would have been the first to try the escalators at Earl’s Court when they opened in 1923?

5. Which stray line of the London Underground was opened in Buckinghamshire to carry goods from the rural estate of the Duke of Buckingham to the main line to London?

6. Which London Underground station served as an underground hiding place for Winston Churchill during WWII?

7. In which old London Underground station did Queen Victoria almost be murdered by a gunman?

8. Which abandoned London Underground station was once the farthest station from London on the metro line

9. What old London Underground station later became a whirlpool cinema?

10. In which city did you already have a London Underground line that would take you directly to the beach?

11. What was the name of London’s very first deep railway?

12. What kind of worm first inspired engineers to consider digging rail tunnels underground?

13. In what year did the last steam trains officially run on the London Underground?

14. Which line of the London Underground has been nicknamed The Drain?

15. Which station has the deepest platforms below sea level on the metro system?

16. Which abandoned London Underground station is now The Wellesley Hotel?

17. Which old London Underground station is now a second-hand bookstore?

18. Which London Underground station is said to be haunted by a ghost woman who was a former patient at Bethlem Psychiatric Hospital in the 1700s?

19. What old London Underground station was built right next to Westfield White City?

20. Which old London Underground station is apparently haunted by an Egyptian princess?

How many questions in our London Underground quiz do you know the answers to?

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1. Granborough Road

2. West Ealing

3. Angel

4. Harris bumpers

5. Brill Tramway

6. Down the street

7. Windsor

8. Verney junction

9. Shoreditch

10. Brighton

11. City and South London Railway

12. Ship worm

13. 1961

14. Waterloo & City LINE

15. London Bridge

16. The corner of Hyde Park

17. Osterley Spring Grove

18. Liverpool Street

19. Wood alley

20. British Museum

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