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The Story of London’s Original Party Boat – Features

Many DJs with a passion for house, techno and the minimal continuum have graced her lovely turntables, spread across the length of the ship, giving them the opportunity to play records they wouldn’t normally have. opportunity to spin in a crowded, larger space. capacity club. Minimal garage DJ and producer Alec Falconer even produced a special on-board disc to play – simply named “The Boat EP”.

“I love writing songs for a place,” says Alec. “I left London in 2017 – for the six years I lived there before, most of the good clubs we went to, a lot of them had closed. The Boat was quite exciting, it was off the beaten path and introduced you to something new.

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“I remember coming back from Paris and playing on this boat and saying, ‘What the fuck is this? It’s fucking unbelievable,’ he continues “It was a bit anarchic – it was something so different from what I had seen when I was leaving, which was usually a trend of clubs closing.”

Despite thousands of hours of off-peak partying, The Boat barely saw the light of day. Antonio had originally purchased the wooden houseboat with the intention of turning it into a small hostel, after traveling around Southeast Asia for several years. He had worked over 5,000 hours to renovate his interior and was about to finish it when one morning around 7am in the summer of 2017 he received a rude awakening as another boat slammed into his.

Groggy and confused, he stuck his head out and found Milton Carvalho and Bruno Conti tending to the other barge – the two engineers and sound system designers who had built CORE Sound System. They had provided the sound at a nearby party under a railroad bridge and were moving the system to the nearby forest for another.