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TOCA Social review: London attraction worth it for football fans | Soccer | sport

TOCA Social has been growing in popularity since launching at the o2 Arena in August 2021. The project will expand to the US in early 2023 and Express Sport recently tried its hand at the London attraction.

TOCA Football was launched last year and has been a smash hit among football fans.

The Express Sport team visited the attraction last year and competed using this innovative technology.

Players competed in a variety of different games, sometimes teaming up. The photos are taken on an electronic screen so that each individual gets a fair chance.

Some of the games involved hitting the ball at a specific spot and scoring a streak. Others included hitting the ball in a small section of the screen while taking care not to hit any other area.

It was great fun and although none of the team wore boots, shoes were available if needed.

Drinks were easy to buy as the venue had two bars – one upstairs and one downstairs.

The food was also good and arrived on time. Even in a place so full of venues like the o2, it’s well worth the trip just for that.

The staff was friendly and always ready to help.

What was a nice surprise was, upstairs, an old gaming machine that had FIFA 2008 available to play.

The Express Sport team struggled to score a single goal due to the old checks, even playing with iconic stars such as Ronaldinho, Steven Gerrard and Raphael van der Vaart.

Yet it is a challenge that others must overcome. We are sure they will do better than us.

TOCA was founded by Eddie Lewis, a former United States international who also played for Fulham, Leeds United, Derby County and Los Angeles Galaxy.

He acquired 82 caps for his country, scored 10 goals and also represented his country at the 2002 and 2006 World Cups.

Recently, it was announced that TOCA would open in Dallas in 2013. It will offer friends and families a “one-stop place to eat, drink and play” as well as a selection of “football-themed entertainment and game immersive programs designed for all skills. levels’.

“We are thrilled to bring TOCA Social to the United States and provide football fans with a truly unique and entertaining offering,” said Yoshi Maruyama, CEO of TOCA.

“Guests will be able to experience football in a new and innovative way, while socializing with friends over drinks and world-class cuisine.

“With games designed for all ages and abilities, TOCA Social is truly one of a kind and we’re excited to continue to grow.”

Erik Anderson, Co-Chairman and Founder of TOCA and CEO of WestRiver Group, said: “TOCA experiences are about enjoying football regardless of your skill level and TOCA Social takes it a step further by providing a fun and social environment by more to play football in a new and relaxed way.

“We’ve had great success with TOCA Social in the UK and we look forward to maintaining that momentum here in the US.”

Over 25,000 guests visit TOCA London each month and over five million balls have been kicked to date.

Athletes, celebrities and social media influencers were all in attendance.

TOCA currently operates 15 TOCA Sport football training centers and one TOCA Social football entertainment venue.

By the end of 2023, they plan to operate over 50 TOCA Sport football training centers and five TOCA Social football entertainment sites, making it the largest football experience company based on the technology in the world.