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tollywood Snapshots of Rituparna Sengupta’s family vacation in London

After shooting movies in quick succession for five months, Rituparna Sengupta finally went on a family vacation to London. She shares these memorable moments with The telegraph

Tell us about your last vacation in London?

This trip was my birthday present from my husband and also a reunion with my school mates from kindergarten to grade X. It was also a memorable family union with my immediate cousins ​​and we all did. a trip to Edinburgh. London has always been my favorite place. I shot for Anuranan there. It was a wonderful experience. The countryside looked beautiful. In addition, I have an intimate connection with London. My aunt lived there, she brought us lots of gifts and chocolates every time she came. My cousin is there, I met him this time and it was so much fun. My cousin sister also lives in Edinburgh. My other cousin is in Birmingham, she teaches there. I have lots of friends from school, I really treasure this connection. It was like a big family reunion. They threw a big birthday party for me. I connected with my school friends who are doing extremely well on their own.

So it was like a break for you too?

It was a welcome break for me. I had been working for five months. I was shooting for films, commercials, dubbing for films, I was making appearances. I was filming in Bombay for Ittar.

This time I went to Edinburgh and attended the screening of my film Parcel. We got a fantastic response there. I was congratulated at the London Tea Exchange. My husband, Rishona (daughter) and I booked a beautiful place at Queen’s Gate. It was a plush and sprawling apartment. We took Rishona to the Harry Potter tour and had a blast. We have gloves, mufflers, T-shirts in there. Rishona was very happy.

It was an enriching experience. I also visited the Victoria and Albert Museum; the visit gave me new energy and vigor. Of course, we visited Tower Bridge, the London Eye and Oxford Street. It was great fun to visit the place with Rishona, to explain the little things to her.

What does London mean to you?

It is a great place with so much history and culture everywhere. The English weather is so beautiful, it is sometimes gloomy but for me it is like a breath of fresh air … the cold breeze and the beautiful skyline beckon me … we are so close to this culture and how good it feels to come back to London and see my classmates doing so well here. Much of India is present here everywhere with exceptional brilliance in all areas. The view over the countryside is breathtaking.

You shot for Anuranan in London …

I have fond memories of working with Rahul Bose, Tonyda (Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury) and Rajat Kapoor … it was delicious walking in the mustard fields in Reading where I sang the song Akashe chorano megher kachakachi .. … and then play a Tagore song through all the beautiful streets of London in a white off-the-shoulder sweater in good London weather.

At the London Tea Exchange

In the Scottish Highlands

In the Scottish Highlands

Rituparna with her cousins, Arjun and Nandini Sen

Rituparna with her cousins, Arjun and Nandini Sen

Rituparna on the Harry Potter tour with her daughter Rishona

Rituparna on the Harry Potter tour with her daughter Rishona

Did you shoot another movie in London?

I briefly shot for a commercial and performed for shows and shot in Paris for Jihad and in Turkey for Tere Ane Se.

What’s the best dish you’ve eaten there?

A wonderful steak. And also some Turkish delicacies in a Turkish restaurant. And we saw a musical called Hamilton, which apparently was one of my giveaways! It was a great show with such professionalism and expertise … the show felt like a dream … the precision in everything was amazing!