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Track cycling races in London, Lithuania and Israel

Olympic track cyclist Jean Spies is currently competing in the UCI Track Championships which will take place in Lithuania, London and Israel in the coming weeks.

The Fontainebleau resident competed in the sprint and keirin events at the Tokyo Olympics, but is still new enough to compete outside of Africa.

Jean Spies had to organize local sponsors to compete abroad. Photo: Supplied

However, 72 of the best riders in the world compete in the UCI and the championships are broadcast in more than 26 countries and reach more than 20 million people.

Spies had to organize crowdfunding to attend the Olympics because the government would not support him, and again he was sponsored by individual and local businesses for the UCI. “I am truly grateful to David Swart for all his help and to Toyota South Africa, Excellerate Services and ZukiMxoli # rideuplift for stepping forward to support me,” said Jean Spies with emotion.

“I enjoyed representing the Toyota Academy in 2008-2011 and can’t wait to represent them again, this time on a much bigger platform. I can’t wait to have a clean and safe race and hope to deliver even more in the race.