London party

Travis Scott leads the first Arena concert since Astroworld in London

Travis Scott He’s back in a big way – the guy has passed his first big solo show since then Astroworld Tragedy …on his official return across the pond to the Brits.

The rapper performs a stage gig on Saturday at the O2 in London – where he will perform two shows this weekend – on stage at around 9.30pm local time. No need for introductions… TS dove into her group standing on a raised platform.

Trav was futuristically decorated with shades… and almost instantly he raised the energy level in the room up to 10 – as he usually does on his shows.

After playing two songs there, he made his way…keeping the noise loud. The audience seemed to rock with him the whole time. BTW – the place is absolutely packed, including nosebleeds…and everyone can’t wait to feel rejuvenated so far.

So far, nothing too crazy is happening. Yeah… Travis yells/jumps, as usual, but doesn’t seem to encourage anyone to lose their minds beyond what he’s already doing. It literally works and stays in its element – so everything is kosher.

He will headline other big events later this year, including a festival in south america – He also has a Vegas residency for him next month.