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Vegan Life Live back in London in June

Returning this year to London, Vegan Life Live! Once again the ideal opportunity for beginners as well as for long-time vegans… and of course the vegan-curious, to expand their repertoire of know-how, recipes and products.

Held at Alexandra Palace on June 11-12, 2022, Vegan Life Live is a vegan lifestyle event that features a wide range of booths, delicious food, demonstrations, workshops, and entertainer-led shows. The event will feature over 100 exhibitors selling a range of products such as clothing, footwear, jewelry, cosmetics, chocolate and vegan cheese.

What we love about events like this is the chance to share with non-vegan friends and family what it means to be vegan. Through informative presentations, we find the perfect opportunity to help better understand the vegan lifestyle; and by trying a few tasty treats, many find inspiration to try veganism. And at Vegan Life Live, there’s no shortage of food, with stalls offering pizzas, kebabs, curries, pastas, vegan cheeses, ice creams and smoothies. To name a few.

Vegan Life Live Speakers

Some of the speakers and presenters will include vegan activist and author Earthling Ed, as well as bitch herbivore, eco-warrior Laura Gaga and Dr. Nitu Bakewell. On top of that there will be cooking demonstrations from chefs Bettina Campolucci Bordi, Nourishing Amy, Healthy Living Jacquesand Vegan Peng.

A schedule of conferences will also be available each day. Covering a wide variety of topics, speakers include Dr Arielle Griffiths who will talk about how we can put kindness at the heart of everything we do. Besides, Tim Newthorpe will discuss policies for a vegan-friendly world.

Tickets cost £12 for day entry and are now available to buy online. Discounts are available for groups and concessions.

Summer Vegan Events

We are huge fans of organized vegan events (obviously!) and look forward to more summer fun at places such as the vegan camp in July. Will we see you there too?