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What is Friendsmas? – Mahrosh Saleem WCHS

Last year’s Christmas being limited by severe covid restrictions, this year was marked by the welcome presence of close family. However, seasonal joy is not limited to just family relationships, as shown by a group of friends, who decided to celebrate their closeness by hosting a “Friendsmas” to honor their friendship as well as the spirit of the holidays.

Ayesha P and Sara M, two 17-year-old students from Woodford County, were inspired by a tiktok that showed a Christmas celebration but with only friends instead of, traditionally, family. On December 30, the two girls, along with a few more friends, celebrated their own take on Friendsmas.

“We all cooked a dish each, ate, decorated cookies, talked and watched a movie,” Sara explained. “It was very healthy and cute.” Spending time and creating traditions with your friends is just as important as giving gifts, the girls said, saying it was their friends’ presence that made the concept of friendsmas so memorable and enjoyable.

Everyone always stresses the importance of family during the holidays, especially at Christmas, but it is also important to celebrate and honor friendships. Having a separate day for family and friends to truly enjoy winter vacation seems like an idea that has been catching on for a few years among young adults and teens, but reinforced by the pandemic. Before restrictions were put in place, many people traveled far and wide just to celebrate Christmas with their families. However, since then people have also recognized the support and love of their close friends, and Friendsmas is perhaps the perfect way to show them our gratitude.