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YCCI London Family March – GlobalNews

The Youth Coalition Against Islamophobia organizes two major events as part of the commemoration of June 6e attacks of 2021. The first in the form of a solidarity march organized on Sunday June 5e at 1 pm. The event will kick off at Oakridge High School where speakers will address the crowd on the nature of Islamophobia and how it affects the lives of Muslims in Canada. This will be followed by a youth-led march to the Muslim Mosque in London.

The second event is a vigil on Monday, June 6e. This event is organized with leading Muslim organizations in London including the Muslim Mosque of London, Muslim Association of Canada, Muslim Wellbeing Centre, Muslim Resource Center for Social Support and Integration and many more. ‘others. The vigil will be held at the crash site at the intersection of Hyde Park and South Carriage, from 6.30pm. The purpose of the vigil is the remembrance and healing of the community.

Both events are open to the general public.

The YCCI is one of many organizations collaborating with the City of London on the commemoration of June 6e 2021 attacks. Please find the full list of events here:

About YCCI:

The Youth Coalition Combating Islamophobia (YCCI) is a youth-led organization in London, Ontario, formed following the June 6e 2021 terrorist attack killing the Afzaal family. The YCCI is made up of friends and peers of the late Yumnah Afzaal, as well as committed community mentors, who want to lead and participate in the fight against Islamophobia.